What's the difference?

Recently, the LMU Applied Information Management Systems major transitioned into the Information Systems Business Analytics major. This name change was made to better reflect the skills learned in the major. The focus, curriculum, and potential career paths one may take with the major is unchanged. The AIMS name is currently in the process of being phased out, meaning freshman and transfer students under the 2020-2021 bulletin or later will only have the option to be an ISBA major.


Are there any changes in requirements for AIMS majors?

AIMS students must complete at least 15 units of AIMS courses (this does not include old core AIMS 2710 and 3770, CMSI courses or ISBA courses). AIMS courses starting this year will be 4 units (except AIMS 4796). You are still required to complete 120 units to graduate.

I am currently an AIMS major. Can I switch to ISBA?

Yes. However, you must take the new Business core and complete 128 units to graduate.

What is the new Business Core?

The general business core is transitioning from 3-unit courses to 4-unit courses. All old BADM 1-unit classes are no longer required and have been replaced by one 2-unit BCOR 1910 (Business for Good) required course.

I already took some of the BADM and business core courses. Do I need to take BCOR 1910?

Students will be waived from BCOR 1910 as long as they took at least one of the old BADM 1-unit courses. If students took an old core 3-unit course, it will still fulfill the new BCOR 4-unit requirement in the new core.

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