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Vice President

The vice president is in charge of treasury duties, interaction with the LMU student org system, and tactical-level leadership in the society. They assist the president in leading the society executive board to achieve its goals. An effective vice president is responsible, organized, driven and communicative.

Technology Officer

The technology officer creates and maintains all of the society's online offerings. In the age of COVID, this role has grown in responsibility as all of the society's initiatives are online endeavors. Primarily, the technology officer will be in charge of the website -the main interaction point for members to sign up for events- and the Discord. A good technology officer is constantly curious about new ways to use technology and has an eye for graphic and website design.

Outreach Officer

The outreach officer can be thought of as the marketing director of the society. They create posters and graphics for events, post on the society's social media regularly, as well as writing the email announcements that accompany new initiatives and speakers. The outreach officer creates the organization's voice to the outside world, and is encouraged to come up with new ideas to get more people involved with the society. A good outreach officer has a sense for graphic design, marketing, and social media.

Certification Instructor

Certification instructors are in charge of the society's certification program, in which they teach students a given program via classes that go for about 5-6 weeks. These classes are 1 - 1.5 hours, with two sessions teaching the same material each week to maximize student availability. The goal of these classes are to prepare students for official certification in whatever program is being taught. Previously, instructors have taught Tableau and AWS. Instructors can choose to teach any program they think would be best, and obtain a certification in the program prior to teaching it.

Hackathon Manager

The hackathon manager is tasked with creating and organizing our LMU hackathon teams. These teams, much like a sports team or debate team, would represent LMU in hackathon competitions. The hackathon manager is in charge of recruiting teams, organizing practices, and entering the teams in competitions. They are also the liaison between the teams and CBA faculty.