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The President shall preside at all meetings, approve all projects and initiatives, work with the Advisor, communicate with and organize speakers, and support the productivity and cohesiveness of the executive board. The President has the responsibility of cultivating and enhancing relationships with students, faculty, the larger LMU community, alumni, and relevant companies. When in doubt, President will take on any given responsibility that the society may have.

Vice President

The Vice President supports the president in decision making, and is the first person to step up should the President be absent, whether that be short or long term. The Vice President will assist the president with decision making by providing timely, accurate information regarding members, events, and reports from the rest of the executive board. The Vice President is also responsible for handling logistics for the society.

Chief of Events

Chief of Events will be the main contact for Hackatons, certification (student led or faculty lead), and speakers. This position will need to have clear communication with both Chief of Community Outreach and President. They will ensure that that events are registered through LEO and that rooms are also booked. Coordinate with Chief of Marketing so that events are marketed well. Lead and ensure events run smoothly.

Chief of Community Outreach

The Chief of Community Outreach will keep an active roster of all members, and be responsible for the growth and development of AIMS Society membership, as well as the overall happiness of AIMS/ISBA Society members with their experience and involvement. This candidate should be enthusiastic and have great interpersonal skills.

Chief of Marketing

The Chief of Marketing position creates and maintains all of the society's online presence (Instagram, LinkedIn, website). This role creates promotional material such as flyers to promote all events and ensures the highest quality. A good Chief of Marketing is constantly curious about new ways to use technology and has an eye for graphic/web design. Lastly, this role works closely with the entire board to ensure that culture is being maintained and that the chapter is properly functioning and growing.

Chief of Finance

The Treasurer shall collect and disburse funds as directed by the organization, keep an active ledger to be saved to the AIMS/ISBA Society files, send a monthly report of finances, and communicate with our department chair and/or advisor about reimbursements. The treasurer is responsible for notifying the President(s) and advisor for any financial issues that may arise. The signature of the Treasurer, the President, and the Advisor are required on all financial transactions through ASLMU and the Controller’s Office.

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