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Interested in coding but feel a bit intimidated? Join our Hackathon team! learn new languages with your peers while competing for prizes. Be a part of a team that removes the stress from coding, let’s make it fun!

What will the team do?

Teams will practice monthly to prepare for hackathons and meet more often as a hackathon approaches. Our goal is for team members to practice collaborating, share their knowledge and experience, and get familiar with programs and processes they will use in hackathons. 

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon usually revolves around a team that receives a data set and analyzes the data to answer a question or address a problem. The team with the “best” analysis wins (best varies from hackathon to hackathon because of the different goals of each one and are subject to the opinions of judges). Some hackathons have multiple winners or varying winning categories.

What if I don't have coding skills?

Don’t worry about it! We’ve set up this team to help students of all skill levels further their knowledge. We also plan to have a few teams grouped based on your skill level, so you can learn in a group setting!

What do I get out of this?

You will get concrete experience with programs and processes that make you stand out in job applications, create friendships and connections with like-minded students, and earn a bunch of CBA Advantage points at the same time!

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